Music Playlists You Can Use for Your Patients in Clinic

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Our patients come in with a host of reasons as to why a dental appointment is inconvenient or scary. At a dental school, it can be tricky to tailor our patient experience. Sure nitrous or maybe an anxiolytic are options, but don’t rule out something as simple as music! ⠀

Not to mention, you’re going at it for 3 hours, so spice up your life! ⠀

I’ve created playlists to fit every patient, so you don’t have to! Here’s how to use them: ⠀

Clinic Jams: These are generic top hits with the right BPMs that won’t have you stressing or spinning those burs out of control ☺️⠀

Clinic Jams - Chill Oldies: For those patients who could use a little nostalgia. Mainly 80s and 70s 🤘🏾⠀

Clinic jams instrumental: Coming Soon! I’ll update you guys when it’s posted. ⠀

Various studies published, including a recent pilot study at Northwestern’s inpatient neurological department, show that music can enhance our mood. It can also alleviate feelings of anxiety, pain, and feelings of loneliness. (Sihvonen research Lancelet Neurology, Reddy WSJ article)

You may not be in private practice but I find that trying to treat my clinic time as such, makes clinic time more meaningful.

What do you like to do to make your patients comfortable?


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