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Music Playlists You Can Use for Your Patients in Clinic

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Our patients come in with a host of reasons as to why a dental appointment is inconvenient or scary. At a dental school, it can be tricky to tailor our patient experience. Sure nitrous or maybe an anxiolytic are options, but don’t rule out something as simple as music! ⠀

Not to mention, you’re going at it for 3 hours, so spice up your life! ⠀

I’ve created playlists to fit every patient, so you don’t have to! Here’s how to use them: ⠀

Clinic Jams: These are generic top hits with the right BPMs that won’t have you stressing or spinning those burs out of control ☺️⠀

Clinic Jams - Chill Oldies: For those patients who could use a little nostalgia. Mainly 80s and 70s 🤘🏾⠀

Clinic jams instrumental: Coming Soon! I’ll update you guys when it’s posted. ⠀