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Why I Pay It Forward

When I started Josie Dental it began with me sharing application advice for pre-dental students on Youtube! As the account grew, I never wanted to lose the essence of paying it forward! As a first-generation doctoral candidate, I wanted to bridge some of the barriers that exist when applying to dental school.

Contrary to popular belief, some type of barrier exists for every single applicant. Whether it's lack of income, lack of mentorship, lack of information, lack of resources, or honestly just not having someone to motivate them to keep pushing, I wanted this account to make a difference in as big or small of a way for other applicants in their journey. Despite being a D4 and now posting even more content to help dental students navigate dental school, I never forget about my pre-dental roots!

The Ultimate Resource Willing to Give Back

So, for the 3rd year in a row, DAT Bootcamp has graciously agreed to collab on a GIVEAWAY. It is a huge deal because they are the most comprehensive resource out there to help you succeed in your DAT. They definitely don't need the clout, so I truly appreciate their team for being down to support my mission of paying it forward.

Your DAT isn’t everything, but getting your dream score feels like you’re tying a little a very cute bow around your entire app. 😅

Giveaway Rules 🤩👩🏾‍🏫:

Go to the official Giveaway post on Josie Dental. Or click the post below!

1️⃣You must be following @josiedental & @datbootcamp on Instagram

2️⃣ Like my post @josiedental

3️⃣ Tag a friend in the comments section (1 tag per comment). Each tag = 1 entry. Tags cannot repeat friends.

4️⃣ 5 Bonus entries each: Share this post in your story. Make sure to tag me so I can keep track of your entry!

5️⃣You can also follow @decodedental ‘s new Tik Tok for a Bonus.

5️⃣ Giveaway runs till Jan. 13, 2022 @11:59 PM CST. Winner will be announced Mon. Jan. 17th 2022 CST @ 7 PM on my story!

Best of luck Everyone! 💕

Checkout More Resource

I personally had so much success using their study prep, and can't say enough about how important investing in the right resource is. I remember struggling with some Ochem leading up to my DAT, but got a 23 in that section thanks to Mike's videos on Bootcamp. They have so much more available for you to utilize during your study prep than when I took mine, in 2017.

The DAT study group is a game-changer alone, is a game-changer! checkout if you would like to explore more!

New Ways to Follow Decode Dental

P.S. Decode Dental now has a Tik Tok and Instagram. So pick your poison or go all in!

We will be finding the best of all things dental for pre-dents and dental students. News, Giveaways, and resources from dental accounts across all platforms.


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